August 21st Conference Call

Attendees: Missy, Casey, Mason, Rick, Tom U., Ellen, Suzi, Shannon

1. Executive Summary Revisions (Ellen)

What is the end use of this document? Will accompany the facilitators’ report and a summation of the most recent NICH meeting. It will be useful for new participants/supporters coming to NICH. No revisions were sent to Ellen.

Motion Ellen / Mason / Unanimous vote to approve.

2. National Meeting – Financial Account Update (Ellen)

  • Grant money is now gone except for about $500 and won’t clear out the account any closer to that. Gave away $13K+ in grants, the hotel was $23K+.
  • Have $3,489.79 in 2 separate accounts. 1K in Ellen’s 4-H Foundation account (can hold there in perpetuity). $2489.79 is in a conference account and can be held there until June 2019.
  • Tabled discussion on what to do with surplus funds – pending conversations with Gail, Ellen, and Casey. Casey is inquiring with Gail whether or not she would like to be reimbursed for a $3K NICH bill she covered with her Oregon MG funds.
  • In-kind donations were made by Atlanta BG and Birmingham BG. Please send thank you notes.

Mary Pat Matheson
President & Chief Executive Officer
Atlanta Botanical Garden
1345 Piedmont Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30309-3366

Tom Underwood
Executive Director
Birmingham Botanical Gardens
2612 Lane Park Road
Birmingham, AL 35223

3. Action Steps from Facilitator’s Report (Casey, Ellen)

Atlanta 2018 NICH meeting IDd tactics to meet three strategic objectives. Committee revisited tactics and prioritization. Committee will spend 20 minutes at this and future meetings to reconsider tactics.

  1. Prioritize and conduct market research on consumer gardening at the national level. (Grant secured within the next year, results by 2020)
    • Multi-state, Multi-million
    • Identify language (horticulture, gardening, etc.)
  2. Identify, recruit and engage existing consumer horticulture networks to join NICH.
  3. Identify and Educate policy and decision makers regarding the benefits of consumer horticulture.

4. Committee Updates (new, Emergent Info to Share)

  • Economic (Debbie)
  • Table until next meeting.
  • Marketing (Suzi)
    • Have first meeting TODAY with 17 participants ranging from academic extension/researchers, plant breeders, and association directors. All volunteers. Sandra Reid and Stacy Revela have each volunteered to be on both the Commercial Industry council and Marketing committee.
    • The first meeting will outline tactics, basics.
    • Jennifer Gray agreed to do more infographics.
    • Suzie will get updated material to Richie to update the website.
  • Community Health Benefits (Pam)
  • Table until next meeting.

5. Council Updates (new, Emergent Info to Share)

  • Non-Profit (Shannon)
    • The first meeting will be on the books by next ExCom call.
    • Use list provided by Susan Yoder as a recruitment tool.

6. NICH Logistics (Missy, Casey)

  • New Meeting Days / Times
    • Missy will distribute a doodle poll with proposed meeting dates and times. Will keep the current date/time as an option.
    • Will keep next NICH date (Tuesday after Labor Day).
  • Box and Website
    • A quick tour and what goes where
    • Please visit Box site and use it for communication and sharing. Everyone in the group can upload documents, you can also send documents to Missy to upload.
    • Feedback/suggested changes
  • Latest Committee Rosters
    • Provided by all Chairs; sent as emails to Casey, Missy, and Ellen by Friday, August 31.

7. Plant Conservation Alliance/Tim Johnson (Suzi)

  • Sponsorship: Tim wants help to promote the conference before/during the event and quarterly webinar. NICH could be part of the September 14th agenda.
  • Casey will connect with Ellen and Gail to discuss; Casey will connect with Tim if needed.

8. Funding

Gloeckner Foundation (Suzi)

Floriculture research specific organization. Have dedicated some funds to Seed Your Future. Funding levels are modest, so if we have activities with a modest associated cost (10k), we should consider pursuing a grant. Missy will capture this granting agency in Box.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 AM.


  • Casey and Ellen are inquiring with Gail whether or not she would like to be reimbursed for a $3K NICH bill she covered with her Oregon MG funds.
  • ALL write a thank you card to Atlanta and Birmingham BG.
  • Missy will send Doodle with prospective new meeting dates/times.
  • ALL Chairs will send latest committee roster to Casey, Missy, and Ellen by August 31.
  • Casey will connect with Ellen and Gail to discuss Plant Conservation Alliance request; Casey will connect with Tim if needed.
  • Missy will create a potential funding/donor spreadsheet in Box, will capture Gloeckner here.