October 31st Conference Call

National Initiative for Consumer Horticulture (NICH)

Bi-Weekly Tuesday Conference Call Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

10am ET / 9am CT / 8am MT / 7am PT

Attending: Gail, Casey, Ellen, Pam, Clint

Casey previewed Halloween costumes for us.

1) SCARY (SCRI) listening sessions Floor

a. https://nifa.usda.gov/nifalistens

b. Update on In-person sessions in:

i. Sacramento (Langellotto, Gable): both Missy and Gail have space on the agenda.

ii. Atlanta (Bauske): Ellen went to the listening session. Many attendees were Deans. Most academicians had slide sets. The presentations were broadcast as a national webinar. Everyone was in a suit. There were no-shows. Moderator had a five minute and an eight-minute sign. They were done by 11:30 am.

1. “What is the difference between producer horticulture and consumer horticulture?” was the question asked of Ellen.

2. Deputy Director of NIFA said they would use an algorithm to look at all comments. This means that we should use the term ‘consumer horticulture’ at least three times in our talk, abstract, answers.

3. People talked about a lot of things: the need for resources for Extension, forestry?

4. Ellen used the infographic, plugged the website.

iii. Greenbelt (MD) (Sclar): Clint is not able to attend, but has worked with Ellen to submit an abstract.

iv. Kansas City (MO): NICH does not have anyone going to Kansas City.

v. Tampa, FL: listening session for recipients of NIFA grants. Casey is on a Bioeconomy, Climate, and Agroecosystems grant.

1. There was a presentation from folks at Purdue who are collating the feedback and presenting it to NIFA. NIFA views its funding as relatively secure, even in the area of climate, because of the distinct tie-in to rural America. They are very interested in impact how it is impacting people.

vi. We are doing a great job of getting the word out about Consumer Horticulture, but we need to do a better job of recruiting a dean/deanlet.

vii. Recruitment: need to have a thoughtful conversation with the larger group strategies for placing people into NICH positions. Will be an agenda item for next time. Potential recruits: Missy Gable (UC), Mike Massey (Penn State), Sam Angima (OSU), Dan Arp (OSU), Casey’s botanical garden contact (could not catch name)

c. Written Comments: accepted through December 1st

i. We have not received feedback from folks, just yet.

ii. We should put the ask out there, once more, in about a week

iii. To Do: Ellen will use Debbie’s notes to write something up for her constituents

iv. Clint suggested that we can get an ‘ask for feedback’ out to the horticultural trade publications. Now is a good time to do an interview, an ask for feedback, get space in the trade pubs. Suzi/Debbie would be great to give guidance.

2) NICH EEEE-MAULS (Email Blasts): Upcoming list – Suzi, Debbie, and Others

a. Can we post NICH Emails to the website? Then there will be a public archive that folks can go through.

b. NICH SCRI Listening Sessions SENT

c. Week 5) economic survey: almost ready to go. One approach would be to couple this email with an industry interview rather than keep the email to our list, alone. This would increase the ## of people who see the economic survey. The interview/blurb would be in a trade pub. The interview/blurb would then link to the economic survey. Debbie’s feedback needed on this, since the economic committee has specific expectations surrounding the survey.

d. Week 7) community/social committee objectives ranking:

e. Week 9) economic committee objectives ranking

f. Week 11) environmental committee objectives ranking

3) SUSPENSEFUL Committee and ZOMBIE Council Updates

a. Community / Social Committee (Pam): next meeting will be on Tuesday. Will have something to report November 14th NICH call.

b. Industry Council (Clint): waiting to react to economic survey. To Do: Clint will follow up with Debbie and Suzi, to see what the logical next step would be with Chris Beytes.

4) Items from the Floor: Southern Coordinating Committee has suggested that they become the Academic Council.

a. They’re meeting regularly, creating Extension publications.

b. Rick Durham and Natalie Bumgarner are on this committee.

c. We can roll this into our discussion on recruitment/placement on the November 14th NICH conference call.

5) Review Action Items – CRITICS

To Do: Ellen will use Debbie’s notes to write something up for her constituents

To Do: Clint will follow up with Debbie and Suzi, to see what the logical next step would be with Chris Beytes.

To Do: Add discussion of recruitment/placement to November 14th agenda.

Next Meeting: 11.14.17