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June 27th Conference Call

Attending: Ellen, Debbie, Clint, Suzi, Shannon, and Tom 1) Officer Updates a. USDA-NIFA Grant (Ellen) i. Should start July 28: We will have one year from July 28 to expend …

May 30th Conference Call

Attending: Pam, Ellen, Tom, Rick, Gail 1) Officer Updates a. USDA-NIFA Grant (Ellen): grant received. Need to get rolling on planning the meeting. i. Meeting Subcommittee – Ellen, Debbie, Pam, …

May 2nd Conference Call

May 2nd Conference Call

Attending: Gail, Margaret, Clint, Casey, Ellen, Tom, Susan Yoder, Shannon, Suzi, Debbie, Pam, Julie 1) AmericanHort (Casey) a. Update on status with information efforts/September meeting: Casey & Suzi have had …

April 18th Conference Call

April 18th Conference Call

Attending: Suzi, Casey, Gail, Julie, Pam, Shannon 1) Business Plan Task Force a. If you have proposed additions to the Business Plan Task force, please send suggestions to Gail and …

March 7th Conference Call

Attendees: Debbie, Gail, Casey, Ellen, Pam, Margaret, Shannon, Suzi, Clint, Julie 1) SCRI Proposal (Ellen and Gail) i. Successful submission to last Wednesday ii. What to expect in next …

February 21st Conference Call

Attending: Casey, Rick, Clint, Margaret, Pam, Gail, Ellen, Julie, Suzi 1) SCRI Proposal (Ellen and Gail) a. Status: comments received, Gail and Ellen will work to incorporate comments, need paperwork …