Growing a healthy world through plants, gardens, and landscapes.


Use stakeholder partnerships to increase the percentage of U.S. households
participating in Consumer Horticulture to 90 % by 2025.

The National Initiative for Consumer Horticulture (NICH) creates a unified voice to promote the benefits and value of horticulture. NICH brings together academia, government, industry, and nonprofits to cultivate the growth and development of a healthy world through landscapes, gardens, and plants – indoors and out.

This movement nurtures a passion and appreciation for plants and increases the demand for gardening, from horticultural grants at universities to attendance at public gardens to foot traffic in garden centers.

What’s in it for me?

More consumers create more demand, more sales, more engagement, more funding, more relevancy, and longevity.

Greater collaboration leads to more efficiency, power, and impact with decision-makers.

Comprehensive research demonstrates the social, economic and environmental benefits of consumer horticulture.

Increased awareness promotes the vital role gardening plays in a healthy lifestyle, healthy community, and a healthy world.

What are the financial impacts of NICH?

By developing a cohesive voice, we will position consumer horticulture to be more successful in leveraging public funding to use to grow the entire industry – from conducting comprehensive industry-wide research to implementing prioritized objectives. Be assured, this is not a marketing promotional order.

Who is involved?

The current group of industry leaders includes researchers, extension agents, master gardeners, non-profits, growers, retailers, and industry providers.

How can I help?

  • Join our listserv to stay informed
  • Offer your perspective or advice to a NICH council
  • Spread the message of NICH to consumer horticulture collaborators and
  • Get Involved with a committee that suits your time and talent
  • Recommend someone who should be involved

Download the NICH One-Pager as a PDF.