August 8th Conference Call

Attending: Debbie, Ellen, Pam, Casey, Suzi

  1. Updates

    • Spreading the word in person (listed chronologically)

      1. IGC (McCoy, Albin)
      2. AmericanHort Impact Summit –
        (McCoy, Debbie [Tentative])
      3. ASHS (Hamrick, Wiesenhorn, Bennett, Bradley)
    • Spreading the word in print/digital

      1. Articles/Media repository on the website?
      2. Upcoming – take over Tuesday, etc. (Gray, Hamrick)
  2. Marketing and Communications Committee (McCoy)

    • The focus has been on recruitment in the last few weeks; producing good turnout as a result.

    • We need to be clearer on what our “ask” is – what do we want people to do

    • Why join NICH? (We want to listen to you, and it’s free!)

      1. We need strength in numbers – nationwide support
      2. Industry-wide feedback to ensure priorities are being addressed
      3. Please share our NICH presentation with 10 of your friends
        • Communications Update – Listserv vs. Eblast
          1. We are closing the listserv; we have exported names
          2. We need to place the presentation on the website
        • Communications plan presentation for approval
          1. Suzi has created a spreadsheet that lists several different communications priorities that can go out via e-blasts
          2. We’ll attempt to disseminate the info through a variety of different formats
          3. There are four survey questions ready to go out from the Economic Committee. Debbie would like to work the phones regarding this. However, she would like to wait until early September for this
          4. Ellen, Suzi, and Debbie to follow up this week on these issues and priorities. Suzi’s email schedule sheet will be distributed along with the minutes
  3. Committee and SubCommittee Updates

    • Meeting Subcommittee Report – (Bauske, Hamrick)

      1. Ellen asked for responses to her subcommittee emails. They need attention and feedback as they plan the meeting
    • Standing Committees

      1. Community (Bennett)
      2. Knee deep in literature review; good information forthcoming
      3. Economics (Hamrick)
      4. Environmental (Weisenhorn)