July 10th Conference Call

Attending: Debbie, Pam, Mason, Tom U., Gail, Shannon

1. Executive Committee Updates

  • New Additions to Executive Committee
    • Mason Day (Commercial),
    • Pam Bennett is contacting Missy Gable to determine her interest in the Secretary role.
    • Gail Langellotto – New Environmental Committee Chair
  • New Committee Additions (Casey)
    • Casey went through a list of suggested appointments with corrections and discussion to determine best fits
      • Ultimately volunteers may gravitate to other appointments
    • Chairs should feel free to recruit at will, resolve conflicts with other Chairs if/as they arise 1:1.

2. National Meeting Updates

  • Casey: Susan Y./Seed Your Future “Tent” project
    • Debbie: Need to get other organizations engaged, need to have an approach/recruiting plan to encourage them into the tent
    • Mason: We need to try to get a bunch of movements and organizations aligned and interested
    • On a subsequent call, we’ll address organization recruitment documents and process
  • Casey (for Suzi): Articles and outreach
    • Several articles pending including a brief one for Greenhouse Grower
  • Casey (for Ellen): Facilitation output, other outputs, etc.
    • Julie M. is progressing nicely on the report out and write up
    • No set deadline, but verbally end of July had been mentioned at Atlanta meeting
  • Other updates/suggestions
    • Attendance exceeded expectations; how to manage lots of people may be a challenge for future meetings
    • The Committee Pre-Meetings were great
    • Attendees wished they had more information and background, despite information given it was clear that many attendees did not have time to read materials beforehand
    • Perhaps keeping NICH Mission/Vision front and center at future workshops by keeping slide showing on screen or poster, etc.
    • Consumer Horticulture is so diverse: pleasant surprise to see everyone come together; great to have a rallying cry.

3. Marketing Communication Next Steps

  • Casey mentioned another NASA program besides the one blog that circulated, bring the total to two
  • Advanced Plant Habitat
    • https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/station/research/Giving_Roots_and_Shoots_Their_Space_APH
  • Connections/Growing Beyond Earth (Fairchild)
    • https://www.fairchildgarden.org/Science-Conservation-/Growing-Beyond-EarthNasa-and-Fairchild
  • Follow up e-blasts, etc.
    • Casey mentioned the need to keep communications up post-conference to the listserv/mailing list.

4. Committee Updates

  • Community and Health Benefits: Pam
    • Met Tuesday following the meeting, two subcommittees formed
      • 1) internal recruitment (ext educators)
      • 2) External engagement – put the fundamental questions out there such as “are you engaged in consumer hort?”- or – do you know what it [consumer hort] is?
  • Economic: Debbie
    • No Post-Conference Update
  • Environmental: Gail
    • Gail and Julie W. have been downloading with plans to meet in August.

5. Council Updates

  • Academic/LGU: Rick
    • No report
  • Commercial: Casey/Mason
    • Mason will touch base with existing membership, strategize new membership
  • Non-Profit: Shannon
    • Planning to meet with Ellen

6. Change Meeting Day / Time?

  • Casey will work with Shannon about her [not so] Free Conference Call.Com issue. Gail suggested this may have to do with T-Mobile.
  • Casey will initiate a Doodle poll after the next meeting.