July 25th Conference Call

  1. Updates

    • Spreading the word in person (listed chronologically)

      1. American Public Gardens Association Annual Conference (Sclar and Underwood)
        • NICH poster presented and infographic distributed. Featured in Wednesday keynote session.
      2. International Master Gardener Conference (Langellotto, Bennett, and Bewick)
        • 83 State and County MG Coordinators. Lucy did a NICH. Addition found for Community and Health Benefits Committee. Many folks attending did not know, so awareness and outreach to this audience are great.
        • Gail was fantastic in her role coordinating the entire meeting. Tom Bewick gave an award presentation and referred to the efforts while there.
      3. Cultivate17! (McCoy, Hamrick, and many more)
        • Debbie reported that the infographic was displayed prominently, right by the pollinator display. Many posters distributed. At HRI Saturday reception, Debbie promoted the infographic – it’s on Instagram and the GMG facebook page.
        • Suzi reported that NICH and Seed Your Future. Presentation made at knowledge center on Sunday. Only 20-30 people. That ppt is available on GMG website and is adaptable. Many business cards still available, check in with Suzi to get some.
        • Casey will distribute links to Debbie’s presentation and the Cultivate17! Video.
        • Garden Answer Video link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06iu4Hld3So
        • Pam and Suzi discussed what happens when folks “sign up”? What do they get? How soon do they hear about this? What do we do about listening sessions? Can we survey, even short ones to get them involved? We need to close the loop when folks reach out more thoroughly, so they increase their “buy-in.”
        • Clint distributed to his group a copy of the presentation before it was given. He encouraged those already involved to review it and provide feedback to Debbie in the form of interviews. “AmericanHort is Advocacy, Seed Your Future is Recruitment, and NICH is Consumer and Public.”
        • Debbie also held a face to face meeting of her committee and has been conducting interviews. They hope to make their surveys less broad and partner with Charlie’s – make it a little wider and be able to capture data that way. It is going out in 2018. This can help to broaden the silos.
        • Suzi wants to know how we can observe the change to 90%? Do we need to benchmark what we have now? How do we do this? Debbie wants to maximize existing research, and Suzi explained that while limited, Bruce Butterfield’s survey indicated numbers from a known test population. While other surveys just quote 56%. This should be a focus of the NICH plan meeting.
      4. Perennial Plant Conference
        • No One Identified to attend. Casey to attempt to find someone from the group.
      5. Garden Writers Association (McCoy)
        • On the schedule for Suzi to present. Good team to cultivate for outreach efforts in future years.
      6. AmericanHort Impact Summit – http://americanhort.org/impact
        • 12-13 September.
        • We need to figure out a prominent person to attend this. Cannot use grant monies for it, but it would be invaluable to have someone. Debbie may be able to attend part, but we need more.
      7. ASHS (Hamrick, Weisenhorn, Bennett, Bradley)
        • Workshop scheduled. Will have many academic NICH reps present
        • Business cards, etc. will be distributed
        • Presentation used and messaging
    • Spreading the word in print

      1. Greenhouse Grower
      2. Take over Tuesday – 8 points from NICH website with photos to accompany them put out. We’ll see this out shortly
      3. Other potential items for this list were tabled for this meeting
  2. Committee and SubCommittee Updates and Requests

    • Meeting Subcommittee – (Bauske, Hamrick)

      1. The subcommittee met at the end of June. Task orientation took place. Particular focus on folks who are non-academic to ensure they attend this meeting. Next meeting scheduled tomorrow.
    • Marketing and Communications Committee (McCoy)

      1. Need a more precise process to reach those who have signed up and kept them informed/engaged on an ongoing basis
      2. 10 x 10 campaign. We should ask ten people to ask ten friends to sign up and be a part of NICH.
      3. Strong need to align and maintain our brand identity NOW! – Logo must be used
        • Suzi to resend hi-res logo package to everyone and Ellen or Casey to upload to Box site
        • Casey to request Ellen/Richie to post in press kit
      4. Question about recognition of host organizations with use of NICH materials.
        • All encouraged to use and modify Suzi’s GMG presentation template to recognize their host institution as long as message content not strongly altered
        • Possible need for adding a slide that recognizes all participating organizations and space on web page that does this more distinctly
      5. Should survey members in early fall
        • The survey can contain a question based on the objectives of each committee and how members feel about them. Probably going to be September before these get out there. We have the survey technology to do this. Need Debbie/Econ group to be a part of this as well to knock it out and keep it in sync.
      6. Casey asked for a very brief outreach email to go to membership now, to talk about the presentation and logo, and where we’ve presented and where we will be. A mini press release. He and Suzi will discuss.
    • Standing Committees

      1. Community (Bennett) – Tabled
      2. Economics (Hamrick) – 3 pseudo-volunteers for help on the committee as a result of Suzi’s presentation at Cultivate17!.
      3. Environmental (Weisenhorn) – Tabled
  3. Notes on Org Structure and Farm Bill (Sclar)

    • Tabled

  4. Remaining Floor items/Review Action Items (Sclar)

    • No new items. Meeting adjourned 11:10 am ET 7.25.17