June 12th Conference Call

Attending: Shannon, Ellen, Julie M., Gail, Suzi, Debbie

1) Free Conference Call.Com number is not free for all folks calling in. We should look into an alternative for NICH meetings.

2) NICH National Meeting Update (Ellen ~ see associated documents, attached)

a. National Meeting Budget: attached budget includes estimated costs. Actual costs could be less, but it is nice to have a buffer.

i. Botanical Garden budget is a bit tighter.

ii. Anything left over from Botanical Garden budget will be in a pot that can be set aside for NICH. Anything left over from meeting will be in a budget that we will lose, if we don’t spend.

b. National Meeting Agenda

i. should folks attend Wednesday’s committee/council meeting, if they are not currently on a committee / council? That is not necessary. But, if there are folks who are registered who might be good on a committee/council, it would be a good idea to meet informally.

ii. Wednesday’s reception. One bus will be held back until 5:30pm, to make sure that everyone makes it to the garden. The other three busses are good to go at 5pm.

iii. Tom U. wanted more detail on the NICH afternoon agenda. Ellen will send Julie M. the final agenda. Final agenda will have the website on the bottom of the agenda page.

iv. For introductions, simply do rolling introductions. No need for a big introduction.

v. Debbie has given written committee report to Ellen. Julie and Pam need to submit written committee report to Ellen.

vi. Julie M. will lead us for the afternoon. Julie M. will tap three people to be lead facilitators, and three people to be back up facilitators. Julie will contact those folks who volunteered, on our last call (Shannon, Rick, Ellen, Casey, Gail, Julie W., Tom U.). She will write up guidance on roles for lead and backups.

vii. For the afternoon ~ Julie M. will provide oral instructions to the group, before going into breakout rooms. The facilitators will then take over, in the room.

viii. Ellen: Marketing needs to be added to the Friday morning agenda.

ix. Debbie: 27 words – 9 seconds – 3 points communication technique: Debbie has tapped 9 people to represent diverse attendees, where they see industry going.

x. Ellen: will get water in meeting rooms for committee meetings on Wednesday.

c. Names and affiliations of attendees: currently 75 people registered to come, and registration is closed.

d. Printed Meeting Packets

i. Need two committee reports for packet

ii. Ellen will send out packet contents to NICH attendees over the next two weeks, as a few items each day. If she sends out all of the information at once, it will be too much, and no one will read.

iii. Julie M. will create an overview of how the day will work, for inclusion in the packet.

vi. Should a list of dinner options go into packet? Or, will people just use Yelp or their phone?

e. Potential Board Meeting Items for Friday, June 29th

i. On-boarding new Executive Committee members will be moved to the private session

ii. Defining marketing priorities will go in the open meeting.

iii. Include time for feedback, from the day before: reactions and feedback from prior day.

iv. Gail will write up a one-pager on how to get involved with NICH

3) Other items

a. Gail will follow up with Suzi regarding press release for grant

b. We will not be meeting again, until our national meeting: June 27-29, ATL