Strategic Objectives & Tactics

National Initiative for Consumer Horticulture

A Summary of Strategic Objectives & Tactics from the NICH 2018 National Meeting

Build Unified Engagement across Consumer Horticulture

Priority Tactics:

• Identify call to action

o Change ‘Join Us’ portion of the webpage

– Change company to organization name/affiliation

– Add Position, State

– Menu of choices about where to get involved. Much of this is about effective recruitment strategies.

o Create an automatic reply for new stakeholder once they have joined that includes an initial survey about how to get involved

o Create the opportunity for two levels of support – (1) just show your support and (2) get stuff, serve on committees, be a more vital part of the movement

• Identify external and internal stakeholders with an initial focus on internal stakeholders

Additional Tactics:

• Develop simple message about what NICH is and isn’t

MarCom Committee will consider one message to rule them all or multiple similar messages tailored to specific audiences. If multiple communications, should be the same message with specific info about what does NICH to for you as an XYZ professional. Mission and vision stay consistent across all messages, application of mission/vision specific to the group. MarCom will develop the approach we use, the Executive committee will approve the final draft.

What can NICH do for you/your group?

Incorporate mission and vision – general enough to have broad appeal.

Key unified message.

• Enlist industry stakeholders to push key unified message

Offer tools and infographics for stakeholders that are on point with market trends. Editorial calendar? How do you use infographics? Pair infographic with a ‘what do you do with this?’ that highlights social media posts and other marketing strategies.

Grow Consumer Horticulture

Priority Tactics:

• Actively support efforts to conduct expert-level market research at the national level.

• Identify, recruit, educate and engage existing consumer horticulture networks to join NICH and participate on committees and councils.

Ensure Funding

Priority Tactics:

• Campaign to educate government and other decision makers & grant deciders

o NIFA Listening Sessions (presentation & written contributions)

o Industry Relevancy Reviewers.

o Consider hosting a day on the hill, possibly in collaboration with Plant Conservation Alliance

Additional Tactics:

• Expand search for funds beyond state and federal sources

Two teams of thought exist here –

o Identify an intern to look at funding opportunities such as the Bette Midler Foundation, Gloeckner Foundation, and others. Other opportunities may be KickStarter, Barnraiser, and others. Issues – would have to become another type of organization if taking in money, would need to have a purpose for funds raised.

o Not asking for funding FROM the industry, asking for funding FOR the industry. Focus on federal funding sources by securing relevancy reviewers and participating in the NIFA Listening Sessions – federal investment to support research will support the industry. With a thriving industry, there will be an investment in endowed chairs and researchers to continue to expand on research to support the industry.

• Be the clearinghouse of relevant funds and expertise
Not a huge bang for your buck here – need to influence the process by being a relevancy reviewer and letter writer as opposed to being a resource website. No staff to manage the ‘clearinghouse’ anyhow.

• Foster a collaborative network to seek funding

• Lead a direct to consumer campaign